Hiring and outsourcing are two fundamental practices of modern business. They are also two very different processes that produce results that differ greatly. However, they have one thing in common: they are both a long-term investment in your company’s survival and success.

This article will focus on the difference between hiring and outsourcing, how to define which is best for your business, how to find and vet talented companies or employees you want to negotiate with, and how to successfully direct negotiations with them in order for you to close a deal that is fulfilling for all parties involved.

The Difference Between Hiring and Outsourcing

While there is a lot of confusion surrounding the two practices, they are in fact very different. Hiring is a process that involves finding, selecting and training employees to work on your company’s projects. Outsourcing is the act of entering into contracts with organizations that perform all or part of the same services or products you want your team to do.

Over the past several years, both hiring and outsourcing have become more common practices for businesses. However, because many organizations are failing to define their true needs in these markets, the market for these services can be extremely competitive for small businesses looking to hire new talent or “outsource” their staff.

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